Representing Service

Representative services for overseas developers/publishers. Support for companies to reach out to the Japanese market.

Sales/Buying representative services against Japanese enterprises.
Kyos will become your “Japanese Representative”

Software Sales

Support for selection and introduction to Japanese partners, contract negotiation and contract execution.

Software Purchase

Support for negotiating and executing contracts to bring Japanese contents and IPs to your market.

Localization Service

Provide services for localization of Game Software, Anime, Comics, and other printed material.
Other services include translations and proof-reading game design documents as well as other business related documentation.

Please feel free to contact us regarding any localization necessities.

Translations of Documents

Translations to and from both English and Japanese documentation.

Customization of Documents

Advice and customization of document creation aimed towards third party entities.
Final quality check of documentation aimed towards overseas companies will be carried out by our native local staff.

In-Game translation/localization

Will be done by our native North American staff (completely bi-lingual) who have extensive experience in the game industry.
We also provide voice recording assistance.