Privacy Policy  

Kyos Co., Ltd (“Kyos”) respects the importance and privacy of any personal information and commits to ensuring that your privacy is protected and, as a company, we ensure your privacy is secured by all staff in accordance to this privacy policy.

1. Collection, usage, sharing of any personal information

  • In regards to the collection of any personal information, excluding any cases in which any personal or third party rights may be harmed, you will be notified of reasons for usage, and will only be collected followed by your consent and agreement. Any collected information will be used only for the notified purposes and no other.
  • Any collected personal information, excluding reasons insisted by law, will not be shared with any third party without your personal consent and approval.
  • In case of sharing any personal information, Kyos will ensure all third parties meet privacy protection standards and/or will ensure by written non-disclosure agreements before disclosure of such information.

2. Elimination of usage or disclosure of any personal information

Kyos will act in a reasonable manner regarding any personal information that we protect.

3. Protection against loss, destruction, illegal access to any personal information

Kyos takes precautions – including administrative, technical, and physical measures – to safeguard your personal information against loss, theft, and misuse, as well as against unauthorized access, disclosure, alteration, and destruction.

4. Company-wide commitment to your privacy

To make sure your personal information is secure, all Kyos employees will be notified of our privacy and security guidelines and strictly enforce privacy safeguards within the company.

5. Continued improvements to personal privacy protection

Kyos will make sure that, in order to effectively protect any and all personal information, our protection standards as well as any internal guidelines are continually improved.

6. Questions and enquiries regarding the usage of personal information

Will accept any enquiries through our designated contact in a reasonable manner.
Please send any questions or enquiries regarding our privacy policy or your personal information to the following.